Optimize your cost to create efficiency

Being a better banker requires focus in this competitive environment. Is the cost of doing business and operational process distracting your ability to drive efficiency in managing cash, operating optimum staffing models or improving overall experiences for staff and consumers? Saving time, removing costs and driving profit while focusing on the consumer will change your business model. With help of automation, digitization and transformation you can streamline the complexity and resource impact inherent across all channels. No matter what operational model you choose—in-house, managed or as a service—leveraging tools, best practices and partner services will allow you to reshape the cost model and help you focus on what's important; the consumer.

der Cash Management- Kosten
"eines Geldautomatennetzwerks entfallen auf Geldautomaten ohne Recycling-Funktion."
Quelle: Annual ATM Services Expenditures. Datamonitor. 2015

" 1 von 5 Finanzinstituten gibt an, dass WTU-Kosten mehr als 20% der gesamten SB-Betriebskosten ausmachen. Nahezu 3 von 4 Finanzinstituten geben an, dass Cash Management 10% der Gesamtbetriebskosten ihres Geldautomatennetzwerks ausmachen. ”

— Quelle: 2017 ATM Total Cost of Ownership Guide

Reduzieren Sie die Betriebskosten Ihrer Geldautomatenflotte um 20 %

Self-Service Reloaded –
Von reinen Betriebskosten zur strategischen Rendite

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