Automate Your Tellers with Teller Cash Recyclers

By automating cash handling at your teller line your benefits are considerable

Take the first step on the Cash Automation journey: Fast, fully automated teller systems provide reliable, accurate note handling and authentication while expediting service delivery, increasing operational efficiency and boosting cash security within the branch.

DN Series 600V
DN Series Built to Connect

DN SeriesTM Selbstbedienungssysteme

Lernen Sie die Geldautomatenfamilie kennen, die Ihnen maximal integrierte Funktionalität auf kleinstem Raum bei größtmöglicher Sicherheit bietet. Entdecken Sie unsere Lösungen für den Lobby-Bereich, Wandeinbau und Drive-Up.


Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie das DN Portfolio die Verfügbarkeit Ihrer SB-Systeme fördert.

woman receiving cash from teller at bank


Teller automation solutions now enable 90% of transactions to be automated, delivering faster and smoother transactions at the branch – reducing wait time for customers and reduce stress on tellers.

customer interacting with bank employee

Customer Relationship

In-person interactions are decreasing. When your customers do come to the teller, let your staff focus on developing relationships and cross- or up-selling your products instead of cash handling – the conversion rate of human-to-human interaction in the branch is 85%.

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A teller using automated cash handling can generate as much as a 1.5 times increase in throughput while the accuracy can be expected to increase, reducing balance issues. Also, the time spent on vault activities can be reduced by as much as 80%.

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Physical security of cash, staff and customers will be improved because the money is stored in a safe and not in an open drawer, reducing the incentive for robberies. A TCR also accepts less counterfeits and reduces internal fraud.


of financial service executives

"expressed that teller cash recyclers were critical to their operations. "

Source: CFM (2022)

Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, wie das DN Portfolio die Verfügbarkeit Ihrer SB-Systeme fördert.

Diebold Nixdorf bietet das branchenweit umfassendste Angebot an SB-Geldautomatenlösungen und Banking-Systemen und macht Ihr Unternehmen fit für das digitale Zeitalter.


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