Digital Payments Services: Introduce New Services Seamlessly and Swiftly

Offer more services to your consumers, while ensuring a more compelling user experience. Vynamic Payments banking software can bypass the barriers of legacy banking infrastructure and can enable access to state-of-the-art technologies that fast-track innovation and reduce the cost of ownership—all without compromising on compliance, security, reliability or resilience.

Simplify Your Banking Experience
payments services

Besserer Zugang. Mehr Transaktionen. Ein besseres Kundenerlebnis.

Enhance Customer Experience

Verbessern Sie durch den Transaction Manager das Kundenerlebnis am Geldautomaten durch schnellere und sorgfältige Abwicklung bei Reklamationen.

Kundenspezifische Einstellungen am Geldautomaten ermöglichen eine effizientere und schnellere Abwicklung von Transaktionen.


Ihre Geldautomaten profitieren von der Leistung Ihrer Kernapplikation, etwa bei der Autorisierung und Verarbeitung von Kredit- und Debit-Transaktionen.

Give consumers the ability to cash checks and access the deposits in real-time. Cash and check deposits can even be split among multiple accounts during a single transaction.

Empower consumers to pay their bills by transferring funds at the ATM, rather than requiring them to deposit cash into the ATM and initiate an online banking session.

Offer greater flexibility. Consumers and businesses can use their mobile banking app to schedule bank transactions (withdrawals and deposits) for themselves or someone else to be activated at one of your terminals.

Cash Recycling

Introduce cash recycling to significantly reduce cash handling, the need for CIT visits and cash-related tasks.

Drive Channels

Drive your ATMs, POS, mobile and e-commere channels with common payment services from a single hub, deploy once — reuse in different channels.

Separate Authentication

Separating authentication from authorization means new technics/tokens/technology can be introduced faster across domains, and compliance and regulatory mandates easily satisfied.


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