Case Study: State-of-the-Art Technology and End-to-End ATM Network Outsourcing Ensure High Availability and 99.8% Uptime

February 08, 2022  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

The partnership between Diebold Nixdorf and ČSOB has grown and evolved over the last 20 years. Diebold Nixdorf not only supplied and implemented the bank’s entire ATM fleet including DN SeriesTM, but also performs maintenance, plus manages and operates the self-service channel end-to-end. By outsourcing its entire self-service channel management to Diebold Nixdorf, ČSOB has enjoyed ATM uptime of 99.8% and cash availability of 99.98%. 

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We are very satisfied with DN Series. It’s a new, modern ATM with a significantly larger touchscreen which is more ergonomic and easier for our clients to use. It’s a much more secure device, and it has a large-volume cash recycler which means more cash can get in, and we don’t need such frequent cash-in-transit services, which is a big cash saver. And it’s the most sustainable ATM in the world, which is very important for us.

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Hear from ČSOB’s executives on how they have partnered with Diebold Nixdorf over the past 20 years.


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