Calvin B Taylor

Case Study: Branch Design That is Regionally Relevant and Customer-Centric

August 16, 2021  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Calvin B. Taylor Bank is headquartered on the eastern shore of Maryland with branches in Delaware and Virginia. The new branch design is located in Onley, VA on the quiet, eastern shore of Virginia in a rural, low-key region where people appreciate banking at a branch they know. But customers have different wants and needs today. The bank recognized it was time to reinvent the in-person experience and expand its self-service offerings to give them more accessibility, flexibility and choice. The bank brought its wish list for a branch of the future to the Diebold Nixdorf Branch Design & Deployment team, which executed the project from concept phase to assisting with custom interior/exterior design, including the implementation of custom-designed furniture. The result is a pod-based layout with self-service options, upgraded technology, improved efficiency and a reduced burden on staff. Now, Calvin B. Taylor Bank customers can have it all: Personal banking without a long teller line; choice of drive-through experience; convenient lobby ATM service; or a complete online banking offering.

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We quickly had to pivot, and Diebold Nixdorf made it look easy. Customers love the building, inside and out.

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