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Blog: Looking after the Health of your ATM fleet in a futuristic way.

April 18, 2022  |  BILL ACHESON

Today, the Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity are the norm for consumers and businesses. Research from Strategy Analytics reveals that 38.6 billion devices will be connected globally by 2025, and 50 billion by 2030!

I am intrigued with the new generation of smartwatches and the number of health factors they track such as sleep, blood pressure, body-composition, body-fat percentage and blood oxygen saturation - some even detect sleep apnea; others allow users to take an ECG directly from their wrist with results and warning notifications available in an app. Some smartwatches provide blood pressure insights. It is fascinating how wearable technologies are being repurposed or augmented to monitor our health and help us manage it. 

Information services company GlobalData expects smartwatches will increasingly be used in healthcare in the next years, ‘driven by technology improvements and growing consumer adoption’. They say that we’re likely to start seeing data gathered by smartwatches being used for early diagnosis and remote patient monitoring.

Could the future of medicine be that we all wear a smart device… one that constantly tracks our health and transmits data every day—perhaps in real-time, so it is aggregated and analyzed in the cloud? 

Such analysis could help identify patterns indicating that an apparently healthy person could be facing a health concern—and should see their doctor to anticipate and prevent the development of something serious.

Health-checks apply to more than just us humans. ATMs are expected to be always on, 24-7, constantly ready to process complex operations at speed for years. A perfect understanding of their lifecycle is required to ensure they stay healthy and possibly intervene as soon as signs indicate that they could be failing.

Today, we’re setting a new standard for self-service solution performance with our first-to-industry, proven and global solution, which leverages connection from deployed devices across the globe: DN AllConnect℠ Data Engine

Diebold Nixdorf started the connected devices journey a decade ago, gathering IoT sensor data from live ATMs and analyzing it to continuously improve their performance by incorporating these insights into research and development. That deep well of knowledge has transformed how we engineer our devices and design components, leading to increased performance and reliability. Now, we’re going a step further: harnessing the power of DN AllConnect Data Engine as the core enabler for our Maintenance and Availability Services℠. 

Harness the engine that drives the visibility you need.
DN AllConnect Data Engine processes data into actionable insights from a unique combination of unmatched engineering experience and a global knowledge base, which have been embedded into the solution, as well as the application of always-on connectivity.
Technical data is continuously aggregated from devices across a broad range of use cases and geographies, so it is analyzed using machine learning and AI. This enables us to build a precise, constantly refined understanding of every connected device and to generate personalized, actionable insights according to how each is performing.

DN AllConnect Data Engine brings the future to life now: We’re shifting our service model from reactive to predictive, so a future breakdown of a device can be foreseen and fixed before it occurs. What’s the end game for financial institutions (FIs)? Simply maximizing the opportunity offered by their ATM channel. Consumers have embraced self-service in the digital world, and they are keen to replicate that seamless experience in the physical world, a trend which only increased with the outburst of the pandemic and the need to reduce human contact. Hence, the ATM channel has never been more strategic: it has become more vital than ever to manage customer transactions and engage with them. Driving higher device availability enables FIs to deliver against consumer desires and offer a superior experience. And a higher performing ATM channel means a higher level of traffic, reduced customer attrition, more transactions, revenue and profitability. Learn more at

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