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Blog: Is Your Organization Agile Enough to Meet and Exceed Consumers' Expectations?

March 04, 2021  |  BRUCE PEARCE

Consumer behavior across all generations has irrevocably changed: To meet consumers’ ever-increasing expectations for on-demand, digital-first services, FIs must be adaptable, ready and able to move quickly. They must be, in a word, agile—they must be “always on” in the most cost-effective manner. But resources are in most cases limited. Many FIs are hampered by internal silos, disconnected channels, legacy operating IT systems and the lurking fear of commoditization. The good news: There is a path through these challenges—and it doesn’t require becoming an IT company. 

Allocate your limited resources and partner for success 

A way out of this dilemma can be achieved by a managed services approach with the support of the right technology and business partners. Connected services based on the right technology can help leap-frog legacy infrastructure, bringing together existing systems with future-ready options― allowing critical operational components to be modernized in parallel with advancing your technology roadmap.

More and more we are seeing large FIs globally adopt a more agile approach to managing business outcomes. The pandemic has shown that being able to scale on-demand, whenever and wherever needed, is a huge advantage. Remember, in our consumers’ world speed to market is fundamental. The key is finding the right partner to enable a more agile services channel operating model that ensures you can adapt your offering to consumers’ needs in a very short time frame with the know-how of industry experts.

Are you prepared for future-focused transformation?

IoT, AI and cloud-based technology are the main tech solutions that business leaders say will have the most profound impact on their organizations. With a managed services concept based on future-focused collaboration and technology solutions, your organization benefits from: 

speed to market
enhanced consumer experience 
freed up capacity 

It offers access to broader technologies than most FIs would have the resources to create and maintain in-house. It’s anchored in an open ecosystem that makes it easier to introduce new capabilities, empowering banks to consider partnerships that are integral to building new products, services and functionality in a connected world. 

Diebold Nixdorf has already broken away from the traditional, channel-centric approach. Our solutions use APIs and cloud-native technology to create an open, standards-based platform to modernize FIs and create dynamic ecosystems for today’s digital-first, cloud-enabled environment. These solutions, which enhance our managed services partnerships, can help FIs overcome the resource and technology obstacles that often slow down connected services opportunities. With the right mix, managed services can make your operations management nimbler and more efficient without the need to use or build your own resources and infrastructure.

Offering a superior, personalized customer experience has never been more critical to long-term growth. The prerequisite for this is to operate a modern ATM fleet as efficiently as possible—with a holistic view. Diebold Nixdorf started the connected devices journey a decade ago, gathering IoT sensor data from live ATMs and analyzing it to track and continuously improve the performance of existing devices by incorporating these insights within our research and development activities. Ensure that your devices are “always on” so you don’t miss a conversation with your customers. Rethink your channel operating strategies wisely—because every percentage point of availability counts for consumer experience, satisfaction and loyalty. 

Drive enhanced business outcomes to your self-service channel with a managed services plan designed for future-focused ATM Banking.  GET THE GUIDE

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