Blog: How a Higher-Performing ATM Channel can Help You Win

April 05, 2021  |  BRUCE PEARCE

When is the last time you arrived at an ATM and it was out of service? How did you react? Just imagine how many people face this issue every day across your ATM fleet—what steps do you think they take when it happens? Have you calculated the increase in revenue you could generate if availability at your ATMs was higher?

Your ATM channel is your brand ambassador and a revenue generator; it meets the requirements of today’s consumers who love self-serve and live in an always-on world.

Hence, availability is key for an ATM fleet and every time an ATM is down there is a cost associated. It could be the fee you have to pay as a result of your cardholders transacting across the road at another ATM. It could be customer attrition, damage to your brand reputation and loss of trust. It could be reduced exposure to ATM marketing campaigns.

Therefore, it’s important to choose the right service partner to maximize availability and performance. 

DN AllConnect ServicesSM leverage real-time, IoT (Internet of Things) connections from Diebold Nixdorf-deployed devices and offer an industry first: a truly predictive and data-driven service model for the banking self-service channel. We have added cutting-edge technologies to our best-in-class maintenance and availability service framework so we can not only resolve hardware-related technical incidents and complete scheduled maintenance in the fastest and most efficient way, but also detect impending failures and fix them before they occur.

What’s the end game?

We drive the highest device availability and enable financial institutions (FIs) to delight increasingly demanding consumers and grow their revenue while increasing their internal operational efficiencies.

FIs using DN AllConnect Maintenance & Availability ServicesSM, either standalone or embedded into our broad Managed Services offering, have benefited from significant availability improvements—and every hour of additional uptime generates additional revenue for them:

  • More revenue every time a cardholder of another bank withdraws cash, checks their balance or completes another type of operation on one of their ATMs.
  • More revenue because a reliable ATM generates higher footfall and more transactions.

  • The more users an ATM has, the more exposure it means for the advertising campaigns you run on your network. Hence, this could result in more upselling or cross-selling to existing consumers. Or it could mean acquiring new customers, since your ATM network is a great communication channel that enables you to reach end-users with personalized advertising messages. It boasts a great reach and certainly is the most cost-efficient of all your communication channels. Think of the opportunity to advertise your newest lending or saving products on your ATM channel. Certainly, the more it is used, the more chances you have to get your message across.

    DN AllConnect Services make a huge difference to our customers. Relying on data-driven intelligence, the precise root cause of an issue at an ATM is identified as soon as a service request is raised, without the need to schedule a visit by a technician and to wait for the outcome of their analysis. DN AllConnectSM Data Engine immediately provides information about the precise fix, the required skill level, the spare parts needed and the time the repair should take. It’s what we call the “right tech - right part - right time - right fix” approach, and it’s particularly valuable to our customers. It means a very high first-time fix rate as our technicians come prepared, and they’re able to use the tools and parts they need, resulting in a much faster incident resolution.

    Knowing in advance how long a repair is going to take means the service call can be scheduled at the best time based on when an ATM is accessible. In case of predictive maintenance, a service call can be scheduled at a time of low consumer usage. In some instances, remote resolutions will be performed instantaneously and automatically through our Monitoring & Event Management platform, thanks to the input provided by DN AllConnect Data Engine. Predictive service visits, remote resolution, faster repairs and higher first-time fix rate: it all translates to increased efficiencies for your organization as there are fewer disruptions for your in-branch staff and they can focus on their core mission: building relationships with customers to grow your revenue. Plus, your operations teams will need to address far fewer back-office management tasks, resulting in a decreased total cost of ownership.

    Are you ready to win with a higher-performing ATM channel? Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from a services partnership or visit

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