DN Series® Security

Protecting Your ATM Fleet From Attacks of Any Kind

ATMs have always been and will always be targets for criminals. The natural consequence is that security must be front and center when purchasing an ATM. DN Series ATMs are more secure by design. The most comprehensive base layer of security in the industry can be complemented with several innovative add-on options to thwart attacks from all directions: physical attacks, data attacks and cyber attacks.

Chassis- and Safe Enforcer

The industry's most advanced protection against explosive, gas, and physical attacks; strengthen the ATM against attempts at gaining access through brute force.

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Ink Staining Cassettes

Neutralize cash during an attack by rendering the cash in the safe useless to attackers - doing so can deter attacks from the start.

Advanced Alarm Options

ActivGuard makes it easier than ever to manage the various protective layers that keep ATMs safe.

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Expansive Safe Portfolio

Choose a safe that fits your risk landscape. The portfolio of safes for our DN Series is comprehensive and designed to keep your cash safe.

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Anti-Cash Trapping

Make your Cash Cove more secure by detecting cash traps in advance, secure cash if a trap is detected, and even detect shutter drillings.

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DN Series can be equipped with portrait, environmental and cash slot cameras to keep a close eye on the transaction and surroundings.

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Anti-Skimming Security Packs 1-3

A foundational level of layered protection that is found in all our DN SeriesTM card readers, with added abilities to guard against even the most sophisticated skimming attempts.

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Anti-Skimming Card Reader ActivEdge(R)

ActivEdge is the industry’s premium solution to all forms of skimming, attacks, turning data protection on its head, literally.

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E2E Cash Authorization

Ensure a tamper resistant, authenticated communication between the host and the cash module to prevent jackpotting and host spoofing attacks at the ATM.

Protect your Self-Service Channel from End to End

The self-service threat landscape is constantly evolving. The methods criminals use vary and can be extremely complex. Stay on top of regulations and ahead of threats by adopting a multi-layered strategy to harden itself against attacks of all kinds.


Stay Up-to-Date With Our Global Security Portal

Be the first to hear about new threats and attacks in the Banking and Retail Industry. We have established a proactive communication, including ATM security alerts, program to notify internal and external parties of fraud incidents in the industry that impact our business, customers and solutions.




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