Storevolution™ for the Right Consumer Experiences

Design, enable and operate frictionless consumer and staff journeys.

In the Age of the Consumer, Consumer Experience is King!

Retail will be one of the most disrupted industries over the next 10 years. This is why retail leaders are preparing for constant change while putting the consumer experience before anything else. But how can retailers plan for this new future?

Read the whitepaper detailing Diebold Nixdorf’s Storevolution™ program, an approach created to help retailers design, enable and operate frictionless consumer and staff journeys in a constantly changing world.

Storevolution and its four guiding principles

Storevolution is built around four guiding principles that retailers should focus on in order to successfully design, enable and operate consumer and staff journeys:


Consumer Centricity

Thinking in terms of store boundaries is no longer relevant – it’s all about weaving the online and offline (O2O) consumer experiences together. By understanding and applying consumer data correctly, you can design, enable and operate frictionless journeys with a personal touch!

Store Digitalization

Retailers rely on a variety of store technologies to design, enable and operate relevant journeys for consumers and staff alike. With flexible technologies based on openness and modularity, you can quickly adapt to the needs and wants of today’s and tomorrow's consumers while avoiding unnecessary divestments.

High Connectivity

Complex integration projects belong to the past thanks to high connectivity. Based on a platform approach with a standard set of integration APIs, you are well-prepared for future changes, including bringing the online and offline experiences together into consistent journeys.


Having store technology available at all times is critical to the flawless execution of consumer and staff journeys. Manage the complexity of all your apps and in-store touchpoints, regardless of who the vendor is, in one place and by only one service partner.



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