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Diebold Nixdorf designs, enables and operates relevant consumer journeys.

Forward looking Retailers put a key focus on journeys, then select the right technology to enable them, drive innovation and sustainably improve the shopping experience.

Five Core Beliefs of Storevolution
  • In each journey, the consumer has all the power. 
  • To ensure an optimal shopping experience, the retailer must have in-depth knowledge of each consumer’s specific profile. 
  • The retailer should strive to have an “always-on” connection to the consumer and initiate the journey outside of the store setting. 
  • The retailer should recognize the consumer as soon as she enters the store. 
  • The retailer must ensure the journey continues after the consumer leaves the store. 
Our Four Storevolution Cornerstones

Storevolution is designed to help you understand key trends in this new era of retail and navigate it successfully based on your brand, the existing competitive landscape, current interactions with your consumers and more. The program is based on four cornerstones rooted in technology:


Keep Consumers Coming Back

Your consumers expect a personalized shopping experience, with services tailored to their wants and needs. Vynamic™ Engagement ensures you have the tools to harness the right data at the right time, to deliver unexpected moments of delight that will keep consumers coming back for more.

Securely Digitize Your Store

Retailers must focus their attention on mobility and IoT. The key is to securely manage these technologies so you don’t open your organization or your consumers up to unnecessary risks. Mobile device management software and a secure cloud are critical to success.

Connect Your Ecosystem

The most urgent task retailers need to address is adopting an open, connected-commerce platform based on public APIs and microservices that facilitates the connection of new touchpoints to any legacy application.

Tailored Technology Solutions

Store Lifecycle Management provides you with tailored IT services on standard building blocks to ensure the end-to-end (E2E) management of your business processes.


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