Retail solutions for connected consumers


Modern consumer journeys are complex. Connected consumers traverse a vast network of physical and digital touchpoints along their path to purchase. Is your organization prepared to support them? Integrated retail systems, flexibly connected to innovative digital technologies, can help ensure your retail organization is building meaningful connections with each and every consumer—so you can drive growth and operate more efficiently.

Retail Self-Service Solutions

Your self-service strategy should be as unique as your retail stores. Whether that means a single self-checkout terminal that can convert to manned checkout according to traffic patterns, or a robust mix of self-checkout stations, kiosks and self-scanning devices that ensure your consumers can get in and out as quickly as possible, your checkout zone won’t look like anyone else’s. DN’s Storevolution™ Advisory Services team can help you envision, implement and test your ideal scenario, to enhance the consumer experience, enable more personalized consumer interactions and drive sales.

Consumer-Centric Retailing

Make each transaction more personal—bridge the gap between physical and digital shopping environments with real-time interactions via mobile. Using location-based beacons, you can send product information to shoppers’ smartphones as they walk by your store! Consumers live in a hybrid world, where physical and digital elements of shopping are seamlessly converged. Offer them a shopping journey that is centered around their behaviors and preferences while providing real-time actionable insights. We can help you analyze your store, deploy a business plan and transform your processes to power more unified, consumer-centric shopping journeys.

Fuel & Convenience Retail

Today’s grab-n-go consumers expect a tailored experience—and they don’t want to wait in line. Consumers stopping for gas, running into a convenience store or a quick service restaurant want a fast, consistent and efficient experience that won’t slow them down. What’s needed to generate margin is advanced end-to-end technology across multiple physical and digital touchpoints that makes the purchasing path easy for increased loyalty. Explore retail systems and technology that can help you innovate and digitize to best meet the needs of the grab-n-go fuel and convenience consumer.



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