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Case Study: Self-Service Solution Offers Many Advantages in Cineplex Cinemas

March 06, 2024  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

The uncomplicated, convenient, and, above all, fast purchase of tickets and catering items is a top priority at Cineplex. In the past, the cinema operator was confronted with the problem of visitors having to spend a lot of time queuing, both for tickets and for snacks/beverages. This created a challenging situations for Cineplex employees; they often had to serve many customers in a short period of time, plus they were responsible for preparing food and drinks, as well as handling payment.

Diebold Nixdorf provided one solution for these many challenges, the installation of the K-two self-service solution.

Thanks to the intuitive usability of the partner software, moviegoers can quickly and easily purchase tickets and catering products at the K-two and collect the purchased products at specially converted counters. The solution with its modern design has a screen size of 32’’ and is used with a stand for double-sided use, in the box office area, and mounted on the wall for use in cinema shopping arcades. Payment at the terminals is cashless by card or by redeeming vouchers, but customers still have the option of using cash at the tills. With the introduction of the self-service solution, Cineplex was not only able to improve customer service and reduce the workload of its employees, but sales per customer have also increased, as sales of catering products have risen by 10%.  

Read the full case study to learn more.

The self-service terminals from Diebold Nixdorf provide us with excellent support. Our visitors really appreciate the convenient purchase of tickets and catering products thanks to the intuitive operation of the terminals.

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