Meet challenges and seize opportunities in Small & Medium Business (SMB)

SMBs are an important client base for FIs. In many cases their business is still extremely cash heavy and they have a strong desire for cash services. Frictionless cash-based journeys for this segment are important—and can help reduce cash-related costs and create a closed-loop recycling environment, when migrated fully to self-service.

of all cash-in transactions

"within the branch are related to SMBs."

The SMB Opportunity: Cash Recycling

Migrating SMB cash transactions to self-service is a key success factor for cash automation. The costs to the FI are significantly lower than transactions conducted at the teller line, and the cash that an SMB deposits at a recycling self-service terminal can be reused for immediate cash withdrawals creating a closed-loop system and a potentially dramatic reduction in CIT visits.

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