Managed Services: A Game-Changer for Your ATM Fleet

Optimizing ATM fleet success and profitability requires capacity and operational excellence across a broad range of domains. Teams of experts must be set up, maintained and upskilled. Sophisticated tools and infrastructure must be developed and upkept. In-house management can be complex and expensive.

What is the Right Operating Model for Your ATM Channel:
Go it Alone or Partner for the Future?

Whether you call it outsourcing, managed services or ATM as a Service, the key is finding the right partner. DN AllConnect Managed ServicesSM shifts the burden of managing your fleet. Unleashing the potential of your self-service channel with as-a-service solutions.

We ensure your ATM network constantly delivers against evolving consumers' needs. We keep it compliant and secure. We maximize cost-efficiency and simply help you generate more value from your self-service channel.

DN AllConnect Managed Services: Industry Leading Solutions

By curating ATM service arrangements according to your requirements, we can help with one or more domains, or manage the channel end-to-end. We enhance availability, security, user experience and profitability.

Monitoring and Event Management

Reach market-leading ATM availability with 24-7, real-time remote incident detection and resolution. Gain key insights to make informed decisions about your network.

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Software Deployment

Ensure your ATM software stack is compliant, protected from security threats and future proof through automated, daily checks and OS patch distribution.

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Cash Management

Optimize cash availability and reduce the cost of cash through accurate forecasting, increased efficiencies and an end-to-end approach.

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Terminal Driving

Delight consumers and increase profitability by accelerating innovation, delivering new banking services, enhancing user experience and introducing cash recycling.

Integrated Service Desk

Consolidate the technical support of your network to a single-point-of-contact to improve ATM availability and optimize the use of your teams.

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Security Management

Protect your ATM fleet and eliminate threats with reliable, scalable and standardized processes to secure data, channels and endpoints.

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Marketing Management

Maximize the marketing potential of your ATM network to drive more value from your channel and enable deeper connections to consumers.

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Available. Secured. User-Friendly. Profitable

Optimizing and transforming your self-service channel is critical to continued success. We can help you enable a more agile operating model that drives faster speed to market, increased cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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End-to-End Solutions

From software deployment to security solutions to data-driven insights, with DN AllConnect Managed Services℠ you gain access to a world-leading, end-to-end portfolio of solutions that can be tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Seize the Self-Service Channel Opportunity

99%+ availability. Fast innovation. Rich user experience. And more. In our latest guide, leading financial institutions explain how they evolved their self-service channel strategy and what they achieve every day through our managed services.

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What's Your Role

Self-Service channel strategy and management require a cross-functional effort within your company, with a broad range of teams playing their parts to making it successful. Whether you are an executive, operations or CX manager, our Managed Services respond to your goals and needs.

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