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Customize your branch and channel strategies with solutions tailored to you.

The financial services industry is transforming at an accelerated pace. Financial institutions (FIs) must rethink the structure, operations and role of their channels to remain competitive as market trends and consumer behavior affect how branches, in tandem with self-service, should be utilized. DN’s Advisory Services team will provide recommendations based on their knowledge of industry best practices and countless hours of research and implementation at FIs around the globe.  


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Build Strategies for Success

The first step in laying the foundation for success is continually reassessing and evolving current strategies to determine if you are conducting business effectively. FIs should focus on streamlining processes or possibly even outsourcing tasks to drive efficiencies.


Create the Right Delivery Model

Developing a sustainable branch and channel strategy tailored to your specific needs is possible. Analyzing information such as market potential, demographics, consumer traffic and propensity for adoption allows for a methodical approach to design and digital integration.

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Deliver the Ideal User Experience

The best path toward effective digitization depends on understanding your consumers and establishing the experience you want to offer. Physical changes to the design and operational flow of your branch are reliable ways to increase efficiencies and ultimately, improve the consumer experience.


Assess Security Vulnerabilities

In order to provide a well-rounded and educated assessment of your FI, DN's Advisory Services team will review and analyze security protocols associated with each channel (self-service, branch, etc.). The team takes a consultative approach to addressing security concerns such as, internal security software updates, card reader upgrades and hard drive replacements.


Are You Prepared for a Post-Pandemic Marketplace?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hosted a three-part webinar series to help keep you informed and provide guidance during these unprecedented times. Tune in to hear our experts’ perspectives on the major shift in industry dynamics and what it means for you and your consumers moving forward.