woman reading the 'Make Your ATM Network More Secure' Guide

Guide: Make Your Self-Service ATM Network More Secure

January 08, 2024  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

ATM attacks may differ in methods and intensity across regions, but many common global attack patterns exist. Some of these attacks are escalating at an alarming rate and becoming worldwide concerns. Criminal groups are highly organized, specialized, and targeting specific attack vectors, particularly on ATMs.

Given these threats' rapid evolution and variations, what measures can you take to safeguard your self-service ATM fleet against cyber, data, and physical attacks? Our global security experts have analyzed the entire self-service ecosystem and identified seven critical shields to focus your security strategy and ensure long-term protection.

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  • The most common security risks and attack trends facing financial institutions
  • The shields needed to protect your self-service channel
  • The solutions available for implementing a comprehensive security strategy

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