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Blog: Redefining Consumer Experience at Al Rajhi Bank: A Strategic Branch Transformation Journey

July 18, 2017  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Say it’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. Your customers have options: They could conduct their transaction at an ATM outside your branch. They could come inside the branch and speak to a teller. Perhaps you offer a mobile app – maybe that’s how they’ll complete their transaction. They might decide they need to call someone, or search your website.

They have options … but can they use the channel they WANT to use WHEN they want to use it, for a particular transaction?

Channel availability and consumer convenience go hand-in-hand to deliver superior services for an elevated consumer experience. It’s a challenge we help banks address in the most seamless, efficient, and consumer-centric way. The challenge varies from bank to bank. At Al Rajhi Bank in Saudi Arabia, the team wanted to offer their customers more transaction capabilities through self-service terminals, and also offer 24/7 services in order to reduce long queues in their branches, and provide consumers greater convenience to conduct their transactions.

Through collaborative innovation, Al Rajhi Bank’s team and Diebold Nixdorf’s team of experts produced a unique customized kiosk that enables consumers to print personalized debit cards, checkbooks, and bank statements. From the software to the hardware, all elements of the kiosk were custom built to fit seamlessly with the bank’s back-end systems, and execute the vision Al Rajhi Bank had of a self-service terminal that could do it all, 24/7, offering the upmost convenience and advanced technology to consumers.

Want to see the full story? Find out the top 3 reasons Al Rajhi chose to partner with Diebold Nixdorf on their branch transformation journey, and discover how we collaborated with their key stakeholders to deliver an award-winning innovation that drove new standards in consumer experience:

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