Blog: Branch Design? Nailed It.

January 22, 2019  |  DOUG DIEHL


When you’re planning branch renovations or de novo branches, the details that make credit unions and banks so unique can get lost or muddled by architects and designers who don’t solely focus on financial institution design. Diebold Nixdorf’s Product Application Services (PAS) team ensures that every branch transformation project we support has access to dedicated branch experts.

Collaboration is Key

For example, at SSB Community Bank, the DN PAS team worked collaboratively with the architect and the bank president, from the site study and pre-construction phase to the ribbon cutting of their new branch. We filled a couple of very specific, critical roles during the process: because we know our products better than anyone, and we work almost exclusively on FI projects, we developed both the initial site drawings and the conceptual building plans. Of course changes and tweaks were incorporated as we listened to the vision of multiple stakeholders. This enabled us to provide the architect with files of the desired facility design and significantly reduce the timeframe to produce the architectural drawing set.

Fixing an Issue Before it becomes a Major Obstacle

We see curb widths that restrict reach, designs that don’t accommodate service-technician access to self-service terminals, VAT tube runs that are rerouted to avoid obstructions, misplaced products and several other issues that can cause aggravations and expensive work-arounds when they’re eventually uncovered.  We’re all about the details, and these issues can be eliminated when PAS is engaged early in an opportunity.

The Power of Renderings

Our clients are usually pretty surprised to see their branch concepts come to life. The 3D renderings allow key decision makers to fully understand the project before construction begins. Plus, once we’ve completed renderings, our clients are free to use them as marketing materials, by repurposing them on an easel in their current lobby, on a billboard or even on social media.

Modern Design for the Way Branches Operate Today

Let’s face it, the retail branch continues to evolve, and it’s tempting to quickly adopt emerging technologies. However, this strategy doesn’t guarantee success unless properly implemented to fit business goals. We believe technology should complement building lasting relationships with customers, and not be a distraction. Our holistic design approach balances technology and services placement in any environment, allowing staff to leverage each customer engagement to its fullest potential.

Take a look at two recent projects that were supported by the PAS team, then talk with your Diebold Nixdorf rep about how the PAS team can support your own branch design, renovation or new-build efforts.           

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