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Blog: Navigating the Embedded Finance Revolution: Strategies for Simplifying Legacy Bank Technology

In today's financial landscape, integrating financial services seamlessly is key, but legacy banking infrastructure poses challenges, leading to layered solutions and scalability issues. Explore how embedded finance drives innovation, and how overcoming integration hurdles and forming strategic partnerships helps FIs lay the groundwork for banking transformation.

Blog: Build the Business Case for In-Branch Cash Automation

Many consumers still prefer to conduct cash transactions at the teller. As such, financial institutions need to continue to offer access to cash at the teller to fulfill their customers expectations. But how to do it in the most efficient way possible? Teller automation has come a long way already and is now ramping up to take the next big step in its development.

Blog: The Value of Hard Disk Encryption

Attacks on ATMs don’t always have to be flashy. Many are invisible. Often these are just as big or even bigger threats. ATM hard disks can be a target of such attacks as they store valuable information that could be misused if criminals get their hand on it, or they can tamper with the hard disk itself to install malware. The risks are considerable if your hard disk is not encrypted.

Blog: Will 2024 Be The Year Managed Services Becomes the Game Changer for the Financial Services Industry?

With a slowing global economy, financial institutions face challenges in generating income and control costs. Discover how managed services is a game-changer by fostering agility, innovation and seamless compliance amid industry shifts.

Blog: Conquer the Password Management Challenge

Security evolves. It must because attacks and regulations keep evolving as well. That includes aspects like the password management of your self-service channel. When managed well, passwords are still an effective first line of defense, but what does good password management look like?

Blog: Creating Value-Added Banking for 2024

As we look to 2024, what topics and trends will be at the forefront of strategic decisions for the year ahead?

Video: Cash Recycling Engine RM4V | Flexible Cash Recycling Across Your Whole Fleet
Video: Cash Recycling Engine RM4V | Flexible Cash Recycling Across Your Whole Fleet

The cash recycling engine is the heart of the ATM. The RM4V is the cumulation of Diebold Nixdorf’s more than 25 years of experience and expertise in designing, developing and building cash recycling engines: Flexible, Available, & Scalable

Blog: Unlocking the Full Potential of Cash Recycling

Operational efficiency remains one of the top priorities of financial institutions. Especially in cash handling there is potential to achieve a sustainable cost reduction and simultaneous productivity improvement. How? With cash recycling. But to achieve the highest possible effect, you have to do it right.

Mindshare: Ensuring Robust Security Measures

Security is always a popular topic at Intersect, and this year was no different. Hear what our customers are doing to ensure robust security practices.

Blog: Touch and Transact: Seamless Journeys with Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication methods offer several benefits. They are as convenient for the users as they are easy to use, plus they can improve the security of the ATM. Either as an additional authentication method or as an alternative to one of the traditional methods. Discover some of the challenges that need to be considered.

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