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Case Study: Krakowski Bank Spółdzielczy Continues to Invest in New Technologies for its Customers

November 22, 2023  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

Keenly focused on celebrating tradition in a modern way, keeping up with market trends is part of KBS’s DNA. The bank had two clear objectives when deciding on its investment plans for the future. Firstly, to continue to meet growing customer expectations, and secondly, to do this with an efficient operating model.

As one of the few banks in Poland to manage its own cash transport, implementing new technology that would help optimize the cash circulation process, while ensuring access to cash for its customers was a high priority. KBS’s decision to modernize its ATM network is very timely with recent research showing that 80% of Polish consumers demand that access to cash remains a part of the country’s financial system. 

By implementing Diebold Nixdorf’s latest cash recycling technology, KBS will not only fully optimize its operational costs, but has created a flexible platform for future enhancement to deliver additional efficiency savings, as well as the introduction of new customer journeys.

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The new and modernized DN Series ATMs look impressive, and the installation has been carried out efficiently and effectively, allowing for a very smooth rollout. We have been met with a positive reception from our customers in KBS branches, and it is customer satisfaction that the bank cares about the most.

Read the Case Study

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