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Blog: Leverage AI to Augment the User Experience at the ATM

How Artificial Intelligence or AI will drive significant changes and new efficiencies across all industries in the future is certainly a hot topic. But did you know that AI technology is already available, tried and proven to enhance the performance of a self-service channel and drive a superior consumer experience? Discover how an advanced service model can drive significant technical improvements and deliver key business benefits.

Blog: Payments Modernization: What We Have Learned About its Importance and Ease

In an era where outdated legacy systems strain financial institutions, the need for innovation is paramount. Explore the significance and simplicity of payments modernization and discover how seamless integration and minimal disruption of a cloud-native, microservice architecture ensures a future-ready infrastructure, ready to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Whitepaper: Sustainable Banking: A Guide to Taking Action

Explore insightful guidance on how financial institution can strategically promote sustainability.

Blog: Branches Are Getting Smaller, So Let Your ATMs Do More

Financial Institutions are reducing the size and number of their branches. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main question is how can they retain a connection with their customers in the real world? In this blog we take a closer look at the potential of the self-service channel to replace branches as a touchpoint in the physical world

Blog: One Step Ahead: How Financial Institutions Should Prepare for the Next Wave of ATM Threats

In the age of technological advancement, ATMs remain a target for physical and cyber threats. This constant threat puts financial institutions in a constant battle to protect their assets and customers’ peace of mind. Discover more on how financial institutions stay ahead of evolving threats with a comprehensive strategy that can mitigate risks and safeguard both financial institutions and their customers.

Blog: The Now and Next for Payments Innovation

The financial services industry is experiencing a wave of innovation, particularly within the payments ecosystem. At a conference in Dublin, Ireland, industry leaders gathered to explore pressing trends shaping the future. Discover the three themes: consumer-centricity, collaboration and security resilience intersect to drive progress.

Blog: Why You Need to Get Your Cassettes in a Row

Various factors put pressure on financial institutions to act efficiently. This trend has been continuing for year, but have you considered the configuration of your cash cassettes as a solution? With the right configuration there is a huge potential to create savings compared to a one-size-fits-all approach. Read the blog to find out more.

Blog: Why You Need to View Teller Automation End-to-End

To really profit from the potential of teller automation, you have to view your solution end-to-end. But what does that actually include?

Blog: ATMs in Shopping Centers: How to Make Them All Greener

Cash is still king for many shoppers at malls in Switzerland and ATMs are essential to their customer-friendly shopping experience. But keeping ATMs running 24/7 can drain a mall’s energy reserve. Discover how Diebold Nixdorf is improving the power efficiency of ATMs while also creating a more of sustainable future around the cash ecosystem with its power management software.

Blog: The Off-Premises Opportunity

While financial institutions are prioritizing relationship building in their branches, the demand for cash and cash related services remains strong. How can banks reconcile these two requirements when operational efficiency and security concerns lead many to move to a cashless branch concept? Easy: You take the cash out of the branch, into the ATM and then put the ATM right where consumers need access to cash.

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