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Blog: Payments Modernization: What We Have Learned About its Importance and Ease

In an era where outdated legacy systems strain financial institutions, the need for innovation is paramount. Explore the significance and simplicity of payments modernization and discover how seamless integration and minimal disruption of a cloud-native, microservice architecture ensures a future-ready infrastructure, ready to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving financial landscape.

Blog: Branches Are Getting Smaller, So Let Your ATMs Do More

Financial Institutions are reducing the size and number of their branches. There are numerous reasons for this, but the main question is how can they retain a connection with their customers in the real world? In this blog we take a closer look at the potential of the self-service channel to replace branches as a touchpoint in the physical world

Blog: The Now and Next for Payments Innovation

The financial services industry is experiencing a wave of innovation, particularly within the payments ecosystem. At a conference in Dublin, Ireland, industry leaders gathered to explore pressing trends shaping the future. Discover the three themes: consumer-centricity, collaboration and security resilience intersect to drive progress.

Blog: Three Areas of Tech Shifting the Industry Right Now

The financial services industry faces accelerated change driven by technology and shifting consumer mindsets. Discover how adapting to emerging technologies, experimenting purposefully, and embracing sustainable practices are critical for remaining competitive and meeting evolving customer demands while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Blog: Navigating the Embedded Finance Revolution: Strategies for Simplifying Legacy Bank Technology

In today's financial landscape, integrating financial services seamlessly is key, but legacy banking infrastructure poses challenges, leading to layered solutions and scalability issues. Explore how embedded finance drives innovation, and how overcoming integration hurdles and forming strategic partnerships helps FIs lay the groundwork for banking transformation.

Blog: The Value of Hard Disk Encryption

Welcome to our exclusive blog series, dedicated to securing your self-service ATM network against emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Diebold Nixdorf’s commitment to security is ingrained in our DNA. Drawing from the expertise of our security experts, we’ve identified seven shields to secure your fleet long-term. In our security blog series, we’ll explore each shield in detail, offering invaluable insights and strategies to protect your ATM network.

Blog: Secure Your Self-Service Channel From All Sides

Wherever cash, customer and financial data play a role, security must as well. These assets are some of the favored targets for attackers of all stripes – brutal physical, sneaky data, or sophisticated cyber attackers –which is why security continues to be a hot topic at the ATM. As a key pillar of financial institutions’ (FIs) service strategy, providing users with a secure transaction is not only critical to customer satisfaction but even a prerequisite.

Blog: How Banks Can Compete in the Instant Payments Revolution

Read how banks that offer instant payment services can remain competitive, create new products and meet the evolving needs of consumers.

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