The EL43 scanner is offered with an RS232 interface or alternatively with a powered USB interface, which means that all BEETLE systems can be fitted with it. The EL43 is supplied with power from the BEETLE system via the RS232 interface or powered USB interface or by means of a power supply unit if there is no powered RS232 interface.

Features & Benefits


  • High throughput and multicode reading
  • Compact and optimized exclusively for vertical operation
  • Configurable and programmable by means of barcode control labels
  • Suitable for replacing all existing stationary scanners
  • Low power consumption
  • Dense vertical scanning volume
  • FirstStrike™ advanced decoding software
  • Optional Productivity Index Reporting™ software
  • Flash memory for simple software upgrades
  • Multiple interfaces support the POS interfaces RS232 and powered USB
  • RS232 interface that is fed with power for simple integration of an additional hand-held scanner
  • Optional RSS decoding
  • Optional EAS function


System connections

Power supply


Barcode types

Environmental contitions

Optical data

Depth of field

Standard observed

Laser safety standard

Electrical asafety standard

R F suppression standard

R F immunity EN 50082-1



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