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Operations Services

Today’s consumers demand an always-on, seamless shopping experience, and we can help you deliver it. Via remote monitoring of your store’s endpoints, we detect emerging issues and trigger required interventions. These essential services results in fewer on-site maintenance calls visits, reduction in calls to the Service Desk, proactive identification of issues, faster response time and lower TCO.



Increased Operating Costs

"Retailers’ operating costs have risen by nearly 11% in the past five years, while store-based profit margins have halved in the past decade."

THE SHAPE OF RETAIL, Alvarez & Marzal, 2019

Store Endpoint Operations Services

Proactively manage store endpoints to minimize on-site maintenance visits, reduce data loss and increase checkout availability and staff productivity. Diebold Nixdorf first establishes the network and gateway connections between your designated endpoints and our monitoring center. This connection is essential for basic remote service (viewing screens, takeovers) and for all Diebold Nixdorf managed services.
Remote monitoring provides advanced services for all store endpoint and critical infrastructure solutions. Once monitoring capabilities are in place, we can proactively identify and address emerging issues in real time. In collaboration with you, we establish key performance indicators (KPIs) for the measurement of service performance. This ongoing measurement is included in your portal dashboard.

Cash-Related Services

Now, you can choose Cash Operations “as a service” to optimize the in-store cash handling process by automating the complete cash supply chain. By incorporating machine learning, predictive analytics and strong optimization logic, Diebold Nixdorf delivers high-value, cost-efficient services for the handling of your store cash. Applying data about the cost of cash, internal needs and device capacity improves cash flow, optimizes cash disposal orders and helps control cash-in-transit costs. We support multivendor devices, multi-currency cashpoints and both cash deposit and cash recycling devices. You can even facilitate ordering of cash through the Diebold Nixdorf portal.


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