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On-Demand Webinar: Will All Retail Journeys End Up in the Cloud?

Listen to guest speaker, Emily Pfeiffer, Senior Analyst at Forrester take a deep dive into the future of retail and the characteristics of the technology foundations that supports the future.

Blog: Why Software Architecture Should Matter to Retail Business Specialists

Standardized, open interfaces offer new ways to flexibly deploy technology within an existing retail IT landscape. Designing software solutions that are modular can enable retailers to adopt a gradual step-by-step upgrade of their landscape while avoiding the huge risks and associated costs of a big-bang approach.

Mindshare: Considerations for Using Cloud Technology in Retail Environments

We talked to Microsoft's, Anya Minbiole, and our own, Dr. Michael Schulte, to learn the role of the cloud now and in the future.

Blog: The Topic of the Time is Retail Sustainability

Efficient, optimized checkout solutions can underpin sustainability initiatives, especially when they’re designed with sustainability at the forefront throughout every phase of the product lifecycle—from product planning, development, production, logistics, operation, service and maintenance to POS.

Blog: Hey Retailer: Could You Pass a Pop Quiz on the Cloud? Here’s What You Need to Know.

As retailers continue to transform, they’re working hard to bring different channels and touchpoints together into one seamless journey and “the cloud” is one of the cornerstones for delivering well-connected consumer experiences. Shopping journeys are best orchestrated using a centralized solution running somewhere in the cloud, thereby injecting relevant shopping data right into the journey, regardless of channel, touchpoint or time.

Video: DN AllConnect  Managed Services for Retail
Video: DN AllConnect Managed Services for Retail

Learn how Diebold Nixdorf is your trusted partner for your global operations

Infographic: Legal & Fiscal Challenges Made Simple

How can your retail organization ensure compliance with all fiscal and legal requirements... regardless of the location on the globe?

Video: Self-Service Kiosks Create A Winning Feeling for Everyone at Dave and Buster’s
Video: Self-Service Kiosks Create A Winning Feeling for Everyone at Dave and Buster’s

Watch how a highly flexible self-service solutions allow guests to purchase and reload Dave and Buster’s Power Cards® while ordering food and drinks.

Case Study: Kiosk Upgrades Fast-Forward the Fun at Dave & Buster’s

Learn how Dave & Buster's partnered with Diebold Nixdorf to deliver a new kiosk solution that offers a fresh approach to guest and team members.

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