Increase Your Sustainability in Day-to-Day Operations

Drive Positive Environmental and Social Impact

Diebold Nixdorf is committed to acting sustainably. We look at the entire lifecycle of our solutions–this includes design and development, the manufacturing process, the operational life, ongoing support and finally product recycling and reuse at the end of its lifecycle. Our solutions can make the difference in your retail bank's operations to become greener and enhance financial inclusion.

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Five Ways to Eco-Charge Your Financial Institution

See how to make your self-service network more sustainable, efficient and future-proof for a changing world. Think of your carbon footprint and see five action plans to reduce it.


2020 Corporate Responsibility Report

We continue to make important strides to further improve our position as an industry leader in environmentally responsible practices, while providing clients with solutions to help measurably improve their own sustainability initiatives.


Our Global Responsibility

We recognize that as a global company, we have an obligation to act sustainably, with transparency, and to do business in a responsible way. Our sustainability program is comprised of three pillars, each of which forms a vital component of our global operational structure and culture.

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