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Security at the self-service channel is critical: cash, customer data, and financial transactions need to be protected from all sides. One successful attack may damage your brand reputation and lose your consumers' trust.

Meanwhile attackers don't sleep. Methods of ATM attacks and intensity vary, and ATM security threats are travelling the globe. To ensure security of your entire ecosystem, you must consider every element – from consumers to bank staff, from technicians to cash transport operatives. From hardware deployments to software maintenance – every aspect needs to be included to create a user friendly, compliant and secure ATM fleet.

Faced with this variety and speed, what steps can you take to secure your self-service channel?

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Make Your ATM Network More Secure

Security is critical when money or consumer data play a role. The self-service channel is no exception to that rule. There are 7 shields you need to protect yourself and your customers. You want to learn which? Get a detailed insight in this guide.

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Conduct Regular Security Assessments

Both attack patterns and security technology develop at an astonishing pace. Ensuring your self-service channel is secure should be top of mind. Do you already conduct regular security assessments? This will help you expose weak points and define a long-term strategy. Diebold Nixdorf can help you with this daunting task.


Stay Connected, be More Secure

Attackers are more organized than ever. The best way to counter them is to unite against them and share information. Recent attacks, new patterns and countermeasures. Our Global Security Portal (GSP) provides detailed information about incidents targeting our solutions.

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Keep up with Trends and Developments

Take part in a security workshop to learn about global and regional trends. What new protective measures are being developed against them? Focus on what concerns you most. We tailor our sessions to your needs. Meet our experts during a visit to one of our experience centers or book a virtual session.

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