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Smart Use of Data Boosts Business Growth

Data is the new oil and successful businesses are the ones who are excelling at capturing data, analyzing it and leverage the gained insight to shape their product and service offering. ATMs are IoT connected devices, enabling real time interaction with customers and continuously processing data. Leveraging ATM data is key to run a successful self-service channel as it enables to enhance the user experience, drive customer acquisition and engagement, and drive higher efficiency.

Managed Services

Seize the Self-Service Channel Opportunity

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Data-Driven Maintenance

24-7, real time monitoring of an ATM fleet and continuous tracking of performance enables to fix incidents faster and first-time whenever they occur but not only. It can also help detect impending failures and resolve them before they occur. Maximizing availability to the end-user.


More Efficient Cash Management

Guaranteeing that the right amount of cash is available any time across an ATM network while increasing efficiencies and driving cash costs down can only be achieved thanks to deep data analysis that help understand the past, identify patterns and trends and predict the future.


Increased Return on Marketing Investment

Every customer touchpoint at the ATM is an opportunity to exchange with them, drive loyalty and new business. Engaging them in real time with a personalized, relevant message and call to action based on advanced analytics is the way to win.




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