Always on—ensure availability and uptime

Consumers demand around the clock access and availability - how do you know your 24-7 unattended environment is providing the right services to your consumers and ROI to you? Trusting that your physical touchpoints are available and able to support consumer and staff interactions is more critical than ever. Optimizing the environment and proactively knowing what's happening across your self-service fleet ensures lost opportunities are minimized. High system availability is important and directly impacting your revenue and customers' satisfaction...but being predictive and proactive in channel uptime is changing the game—learn how.


of banks

"see ATM availability and reliability as their biggest pain point."

Source: 2017 ATM and Self-Service Software Trends, ATM marketplace

Troubleshoot, diagnose, notify – all remotely and automatically

Device monitoring adds eyes, ears and a brain to your ATM network. It determines what is – and isn’t – working, finding potential solutions in real time and even take preventative actions before the rest of the system has logged an issue.

One meaningful and direct contribution to increase uptime and availability.

DN AllConnect Services℠

Flexible, Predictive IoT-driven service solutions

Learn more about how the DN portfolio drives availability & uptime.


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