Vynamic® Transaction Middleware

Take advantage of an agile, adaptable cloud-native transaction processing platform with a host of reusable services that are independent of the channel or back-end, reducing costs and driving new revenue.

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Vynamic® Transaction Middleware Changing Ecosystem

Control Development and Total Cost of Ownership

Low Code Modeling Icon

Low-Code Modeling

Removes the burden of customization and enables more automation of business processes.

Graphical Interfaces Icon

Graphical Interfaces

Flowchart application rules and steps in any order for any payment type.

Smart Routing Icon

Smart Routing

Handles the flow of data - intelligently determining where it needs to go, how fast and at the best cost.

Reusable Technology Icon

Reusable Technology

Enables services that can be used over and over, reducing costs and driving new revenue.

The Power of a Cloud-native Platform

Vynamic® Transaction Automation

Processes on-us transactions directly to your core, enabling more advanced support and complex transactions to accounts not normally accessed through self-service.

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Vynamic® Acquiring

Can bypass the barriers of legacy infrastructures and enable access to modern technologies that fast-track innovation and reduce the cost of ownership.

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Vynamic® Issuing | Transaction Processing

Enables automation of business processes, supports the tailoring of features to individual card programs, and increases the ability to respond to new opportunities.

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Vynamic® Issuing | Consumer Authentication Management

Enables discrete business logic to be loosely coupled to provide advanced authentication, authorization, data transparency, and improved security for a multitude of payment options.

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Future-Proof Your Banking Ecosystem

Consolidate Payments Channels

Discard your separate payment processors and systems. Take advantage of one common set of payment services to support all your diverse payments needs.


The Need For Speed-To-Market

Reusable services, agile tools and simplified coding – reduces your risk and increases speed to market. Leap-frog to payments modernization with a phased approach.


Generate Impressive ROI

Do more with a cloud-native microservices payment system- improve margins, leverage data and digitize the process. Become flexible, adaptable, and extensible.



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