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Moving transactions from the teller to the self-service channel enables 24/7 cash services. Automating cash at the teller speeds up the transaction. Both free staff to spend more time for relationship building while increasing consumer retention at a significant cost saving.

Introducing Vynamic Connection Points 7

Multivendor Self-Service software with a proven, modern technology stack built to support digital transformation and future innovation.

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In today’s banking environment, the costs of doing business continue to increase, forcing Financial Institutions (FIs) to reduce expenses and improve efficiency, especially within the self-service channel.

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VCP- Branch

Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) enable 90% of teller transactions to be automated, which means delivering faster and more convenient transactions. Enrich the assisted service experience with VCP-Branch; multi-vendor, multi-device solution with powerful interface and cash automation capabilities.

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Built to Connect. Built for More.

Deliver true out-of-the-box, end-to-end customer journeys through modern technology and optimized integration.

More Secure

Empowers deeper system and event data allowing for more secure practices and procedures.

More Efficient

Permits the inventory of components and cash to be accurately tracked for more efficient management.

More Available

Supports monitoring of events, and reacts intelligently to provide more availability.

More Personalized

Provides a more personalized interaction with consumers utilizing a modern user interface.

More Integrated

Turnkey connectivity offering more integrated advanced services.

More Future-Ready

Extensible to existing systems providing a more future-ready platform to adapt to ever-changing needs.


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