Vynamic® Engagement: Transform Banking Channels Into Revenue Streams

Beneath each transaction lies a potential consumer engagement opportunity –attracting non-customers, boosting up sell/cross-sell, rewarding loyalty and offering more advanced services. Our banking software enables you to convert these experiences into a competitive edge, ensuring your consumers have the options they need to complete their transactions while enabling more personalized experiences.


Vynamic Engagement
We see 32 million transactions a month. About half of them — that’s 16 million — were with non-customers. In what other channels could we make an impression on 16 million new potential customers every month?

The heart of Vynamic Engagement suite is robust interactions with your customers. Our banking software solutions enable you to deliver meaningful, intuitive engagement – such as unique targeted messages 24/7 or remote video assistance, making the self-service experience more personal and more convenient.

Segment Messages

Promote different brand and marketing messages during idle times to on-us and off-us consumers.

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Interactive Video Teller

A real person at the touch of a button enriches the self-service experience while optimizing staff and extending service hours


Individualized Targeted Campaigns

Enhance your consumers experience with 1-1 communications or relevant, timely offers for selected groups and/or devices/locations.

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