Vynamic® Engagement

Transform Banking Channels Into Revenue Streams

Beneath each transaction lies a potential consumer engagement opportunity – delivering delightful consumer experiences, attracting non-customers, boosting up sell/cross-sell, rewarding loyalty and much more. Convert these experiences into a competitive edge, ensure that your marketing goals percolate seamlessly across channels and that the marketing team is always in control of the campaigns/experiences delivered.


Vynamic Engagement
We see 32 million transactions a month. About half of them — that’s 16 million — were with non-customers. In what other channels could we make an impression on 16 million new potential customers every month?

At the heart of the Vynamic Engagement suite is Vynamic Marketing, an on-premise product that delivers the unique capability to provide targeted messages combined with meaningful, intuitive engagement – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other offerings include Campaign Management and Personalization, both available as a service (SaaS) or as part of DN AllConnect Managed ServicesSM.

Segment Messages

Promote different brand and marketing messages during idle times to on-us and off-us consumers.

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Personalized Transactions

Consumer defined ATM preferences allow for a more efficient and faster transaction experience.

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Individualized Targeted Campaigns

Enhance your consumers experience with 1-1 communications or relevant, timely offers for selected groups and/or devices/locations.

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Simplify Your Banking Experience

Make your self-service environment truly consumer-centric and unique with consumer preferences, and designation of preferred language and favorite transactions.



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