VISTA™ Terminal Application Software

VISTA™ Terminal Application Software

A flexible, Windows based, open standards terminal platform with multi-vendor device support for ATMs and self-service platforms that can transform into a robust enterprise banking solution. VISTA is designed to deploy one advanced single run time application across your entire self-service network.


Features & Benefits

VISTA provides support for the following business functions and services. Some are enabled by default in the VISTA Application while others will require additional PS effort to enable.


  • EMV/Chip Card
  • Withdrawal, Fast Cash
  • Customer Selected Bill Mix
  • Balance Inquiry/Statements
  • Transfers & Payments
  • Intelligent Deposit: Deposit Imaging/Automation and Envelope deposits
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)
  • Foreign Currency Dispense
  • Cash Recycling
  • In Session Business Rule Support (transaction Surcharging, Fee Notification, Overdraft Warning)
  • Non-cash Media Dispensing (Stamps, Coupon, Ticket)
  • Check and Statement Order
  • Pre-Pay Phone Card Top Up
  • Transaction Record/Receipt Printing (ASCII)
    • Consolidated Receipts
    • Two-sided Receipts
    • Mini-Statement/ Full Statement Printing
  • Preferences (Amount, Account, Receipt, and Language)
  • Change PIN
  • Prestaged Withdrawal, Prestaged Deposit (requires Transaction Middleware)
  • Support for Web Services/Internet Business Functions
  • Operator Interface (Replenishment & Operations) – English/Spanish
  • Remote Operator (command line tool to support remote maintenance applications)

Versatile in the way software is installed, updated and managed using Fit Client architecture 
Software is run locally at the ATM to allow a rich UI

  • Business rules reside on the cloud to increase the agility for changes and updates
  • Allows for partial rollouts of software functionality to parts of a self-service fleet providing more flexibility in planning and testing
  • Software updates are distributed to the client “zero’ touch” - the most cost-effective option


VISTA provides flexible features to improve the customer experience and optimize operational support of the user experience (UX) across the self-service fleet. 

  • Provides the ability to build themes dynamically by screen based on region, type of device, transaction type or BIN. 
  • Multiple On-Screen Languages
  • Audio/Text –to-Speech
    • Multiple Languages (English & Spanish available by default; other languages enabled via additional PS effort)
    • In-Transaction Device Orientation  
    • Microsoft Speech Platform 11 Support (by default; other engines enabled via additional PS effort)
  • XML Flow & Media UX Development
  • HTML 5 UX Development Platform
  • Proportional Font SupportMarketing & Branding
    • Animated Attract Cycle/ Idle Loop
    • In-Transaction Marketing Campaigns
    • 2 Line Receipt Marketing Messages

PLATFORM SECURITY (several items dependent on Vynamic Security Suite)

VISTA has built in security features to lock-down the Windows Desktop, harden the operating system and support the security requirements mandated by VISA and MasterCard.

  • PCI Compliance – PA-DSS Certification
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
    • TLS 1.2
  • Remote Initial Key Load (RKL)
    • Certificate
    • Signature
  • Triple DES
  • Rolling Communications Key
  • Rolling Master Key
  • Messaging MACing
    • Full Message MACing
    • Partial Message MACing
  • Secure Manual Key Entry
    • Loading Keys In Parts
    • Check Digit Support
  • Field-based Encryption
  • Software Component Authentication
  • Admin/Supervisor Authentication
  • Role Based Authentication/Rights
  • Application Security Model
  • Windows Desktop Lock/OS Hardening
  • Whitelisting Security
  • Sales and Marketing high security model (using certificates)
  • Encrypted USB Drives



Platform Operating System

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 
  • Microsoft® Windows® 10 

Platform Device Layer Support

The VISTA platform supports the CEN/XFS standards for peripheral devices and as a result any device driver conforming to the specified standard can be used with VISTA. If a service provider does not exist for a peripheral, Diebold Nixdorf also has the ability to develop service providers for new peripherals and/or provide platform support for a proprietary device interface. 

Platform Certified XFS Service Providers

VISTA is continually certified with new hardware from multiple vendors and regularly certified with new versions of the vendor’s XFS Service Providers. If a vendor is not listed in the chart, it means that Diebold Nixdorf has not gone through a certification on the hardware in Diebold Nixdorf’s lab. It does not mean that VISTA will not run on the terminal – please contact your Diebold Nixdorf account representative for more information. 

  • Diebold – Opteva, Diebold Series
  • NCR – Personas, SelfServ, 80 Series
  • Wincor  - CINEO, ProCash
  • Hyosung 
  • Diebold Nixdorf – CS Series
  • ScanCoin (limited support)


VISTA provides device support for a variety of different peripheral types. 

Display Monitors

  • Touch Screen
  • Function Key Screen
  • Secondary/ Multiple Monitor Support (requires additional PS effort)
  • Multiple Screen Resolutions
  • Portrait or Landscape Monitor Orientation

Card Readers

  • EMV Chip Card Readers (traditional/ contact)
  • Contactless Card Readers (non-EMV) 
  • Intelligent Card Reader (ICR)
  • Motorized Card Reader
  • DIP Card Readers
  • Swipe Card Readers
  • Anti-Skimming Detection

Depository Devices

  • Single Throat Check and Cash Acceptor
  • Multi & Single Check Acceptors
  • Bulk Note Acceptor
  • Envelope Dispense & Deposit
  • Cash Recycler
  • Coin Acceptor/ Dispenser
  • Encrypted Pin Pad (EPP)
  • Printers (Receipts/ Statements/ Journals)
  • Laser Printers
  • Dual Sided Printers 
  • Thermal Printers
  • Dot Matrix Printers
  • Media Dispensers
  • Night Safes / Business Depositories
  • Security Cameras
  • ID Scanner
  • Bar Code Reader


VISTA provides a flexible component based connectivity and messaging options.  The message framework provides support for a variety of standard protocols in addition to providing the framework for bank extension of the messaging interfaces.

  • 912
  • Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX)
  • TCP/IP + Reverse TCP/IP
  • TLS/ SSL
  • IBM MQ  (requires license of IBM MQ Client/Server)
  • Web Services / SOAP
  • Custom Assisted Transaction Messaging (SDK includes ability to create/ use custom messaging; would require additional PS effort)

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