ProCash Terminal Application Software

ProCash Terminal Application Software

A turnkey solution for cash dispense and multi-function terminals in a states and screens ecosystem. ProCash offers easy-installation media with an operator-friendly configuration utility which provides provisions for standard cash-and-dash, full function, and recycling ATM functionality.

Features & Benefits

PROCASH provides support for the following functions and services. Some are enabled by default in the PROCASH Application while others will require additional PS effort to enable.


  • Rear balancing
  • Text-to-speech and screen blank for privacy1 
  • Barcode support (reading/printing) 
  • Basic support of CCMS cassette technology 
  • CEN/XFS 3.20 compliant applica¬tion 
  • EJU (Electronic Journal Upload) 
  • GDI printing 
  • Multi-language support 
  • Multi-currency capabilities 
  • Power suspend mode for hardware components 
  • Receipt and journal printing 
  • Support of European Central Bank regulations SEPA 
  • Two color printing 
  • Unicode support (SOP and journal) 
  • UPS support 
  • Support of AANDC emulation, 912/DDC emulation, inclusive of EMV, RKL, Cash Deposit, and Check Deposit
  • Support of AANDC emulation, 912 emulation, inclusive of EMV, RKL, Cash Deposit, and Check Deposit specifications
  • MACing
  • Triple DES security
  • PCI PA-DSS Compliance
  • EMV support
  • Remote Key Loading
  • Direct Marketing4 
  • Enabled for Cash Management5 
  • Integration of PC/E Mobile Trans¬action Services6 
  • Integration WebService CashIn2 
  • Integration WebService Cheque3


  • Withdrawal (notes and coins)
  • Fast Cash
  • Balance Inquiry
  • Payment
  • PIN Change
  • E-Journal Store and Forward
  • Bundle cash deposit2 
  • Bundle check processing with CCDM3 
  • Cash recycling2 
  • Cash dispensing (banknotes and coins) 
  • Check-demand 
  • Coin deposit2 
  • Envelope deposit cash or checks 
  • Single check processing2 with sin¬gle check scanner 
  • Statement & mini-statement printing 
  • Transfer between own accounts 


  • Automatic Device Repair System (ADRS) attempts to eliminate any hardware or software problems automatically and independently of the host server protocol 
  • Continuous Availability Service (CAS) 
  • Multivendor installation 
  • Service and operating functions (SOP) 
  • SOP user management 
  • Security 
  • Access Protection enabling7 
  • Application runs without adminis¬trator privileges 
  • Backtracking of counterfeit notes8 
  • Certificate and signature-based Remote Key Loading9 
  • Double length keys/triple DES as well as single DES for backward compatibility 
  • Intrusion Protection enabling10 
  • Online EMV debit/credit card transactions11
  • Optical Security Guard (OSG) com¬patibility mode 
  • PCI PA-DSS certified 
  • Secure key entry 
  • Security functions (Anti-Skimming, Anti-Card-Trapping and Anti-Cash- Trapping) 
  • SSL encryption 



ProCash supports the specifi¬cation of the PCI standard for Pay¬ment Applications PCI PA-DSS V 3.2, which includes:

  • Protection of card holder informa¬tion against theft/manipulation 
  • Secure communication via TLS
  • Software design, development and testing according to the PCI PA-DSS requirements 
  • PCI PA-DSS Implementation Guide describing how ProCash needs to be installed and config-ured so that PCI-DSS certification can be achieved. 


  • TCP/IP
  • SNA (MS SNA Workstation compat¬ible connection) Other types of connections can be provided upon request


PROCASH is continually certified with new hardware from multiple vendors and regularly certified with new versions of the vendor’s XFS Service Providers. If a vendor is not listed in the chart, it means that Diebold Nixdorf has not gone through a certification on the hardware in Diebold Nixdorf’s lab. It does not mean that PROCASH will not run on the terminal – please contact your Diebold Nixdorf account representative for more information. 

  • Diebold – Opteva, Diebold Series
  • NCR – Personas, SelfServ, 80 Series
  • Wincor  CINEO, ProCash
  • Hyosung 
  • Diebold Nixdorf – CS Series


  • 1 Add-on product ProTopas/Web-Extensions required
  • 2 Add-on product ProCashIn required
  • 3 Add-on product ProChequeIn required
  • 4 Add-on product Vynamic Direct Marketing required
  • 5 Add-on product Vynamic Cash Management required
  • 6 Add-on products ProFlex/NDC-DDC & PC/E MTS required
  • 7 Add-on product Vynamic Security - Access Protection required
  • 8 Add-on product ProCashIn/Signature required
  • 9 Add-on product ProRKL required
  • 10 Add-on product Vynamic Security - Intrusion Protection required
  • 11 Add-on product ProChip/EMV D/C required
  • 12 Add-on product ProFlex/NDC-DDC required for BNA & CPM

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