Vynamic Connection Points 6

Your ATM Network Holds the Key.

In spite of the proliferation of new payment and transaction methods, the ATM is still the No. 1 access point for cash. It’s a known, trusted financial touchpoint – and it’s got massive untapped potential. Self-service software can be a linchpin in your branch transformation strategy, if you use it to unlock and implement real omnichannel connections.

Digital Integration

Supports location-aware themes, business rules and messaging across ATMs and kiosks, regardless of vendor.

Core Connectivity

Optimizes operational efficiencies while offering on-us consumers more transactions and services (where supported).

Denomination Selection

Makes customer-selected bill mix a standard transaction capability where supported by the network.

Vynamic Connection Points 6 is designed for today’s modern, open platform environment:

  • Designed as a modern WebApp embracing digital technologies such as Angular

  • Stateless environment that requires few or no modifications to the host to support new features, devices and transactions

  • Windows 10 operating system support for the most up-to-date processing and speed

  • Industry-standard protocols, including 91x, NDC, TP.API into Vynamic Branch Transformation or Vynamic Payments, Custom (e.g. Web Services…) to eliminate vendor-matched software and protocols


More Secure

Empowers deeper system and event data allowing for more secure practices and procedures.

More Efficient

Permits the inventory of components and cash to be accurately tracked for more efficient management.

More Available

Supports monitoring of events, and reacts intelligently to provide more availability.

More Personalized

Provides a more personalized interaction with consumers utilizing a modern user interface.

More Integrated

Turnkey connectivity offering more integrated advanced services.

More Future-Ready

Extensible to existing systems providing a more future-ready platform to adapt to ever-changing needs.


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