Electric Transaction Drawer

Electric Transaction Drawer

The Electric Transaction Drawer is designed to improve security and enhance convenience for the operator and customer. It is ideal for high volume, large capacity drive-up applications.

Additional Information

Diebold Electric Transaction Drawer

Features & Benefits


  • Improves security by preventing direct contact between the operator and customer
  • Drawer extension feature allows the operator to position the drawer as needed, extending up to 14.5” from the building
  • Large-capacity drawer is compact for easy installation, while strong enough to accommodate large items
  • Integrated audio components for clear two-way communication
  • Durable low-maintenance finish provides an attractive appearance for years to come

The Electric Transaction Drawer has earned the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Level 1 ballistic rating. It features an interlocking cover that improves security by preventing direct contact between the operator and customer, it also helps to prevent outside air from entering the facility. The large, unobstructed drawer top provides a suitable work area, a large convenient opening in the top allows easy access to the drawer contents.

A conveniently located toggle switch is used to operate the drawer. It includes a drawer extension feature that allows the operator to position the drawer as required, extending the drawer up to a full 14.5” from the building, giving customers convenient access to its contents. An exclusive lighted yellow call button helps speed transaction times by encouraging customers to signal their presence at the window.

An optional forced-air heater is available to warm the top and back of the drawer while minimizing cold air leakage into the drawer cabinet. The heater features efficient thermostat control that regulates heat evenly throughout the drawer cavity. It also features a quiet operation and a simple toggle on/off switch.



  • Large-capacity 990 cubic inch drawer with easy access to contents
    and customers
  • UL Listed Level 1 ballistic rating
  • Lighted call button and chime
  • Large unobstructed drawer top work area
  • Built-in speaker and audio components
  • Interlocking cover prevents direct contact between the operator and customer and helps keep outside air from rushing in
  • Lifetime warranty on drawer slides
  • Larger drawer opening allows comfortable operation from standing position
  • Ergonomically placed operating switches for ease of use
  • Constructed of high quality, corrosion resistant materials
  • Manual operating feature in the event of loss of power
  • Can be installed with most Diebold Nixdorf Transaction Windows and many competitive models
  • Can be used as a replacement for the following outdated Diebold Nixdorf Transaction Drawers: 12143, 12151 and 12250


Physical Dimensions:

28.62” (727mm) W x 10.38” (264mm) H x 28.19” (716mm) D (front and back).

Add 2.13” (53.97 cm) to width and 2.5” (63.5 cm) to height for outer fascia trim.


135 lbs (61 kg)

Masonry Opening:

29.25” (743mm) W x 10.38” (264mm) H


14.5” (368mm) from building wall face

Listings and approvals:

UL Level 1 ballistic rating

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