DN AllConnectSM Data Engine Data-Driven Intelligence Powering Actionable Insights

We are setting a new standard for ATM performance with a first-to-industry, scaled, comprehensive and proven solution, which leverages real-time connections with deployed devices across the globe and shifts the paradigm from reactive to truly predictive: DN AllConnect Data Engine.

How Diebold Nixdorf’s Data-Driven Service Model Works
Predictive Service Model

A First-to-Industry, Truly Predictive Service Model

DN AllConnect Data Engine is a core enabler for DN Maintenance ServicesSM, increasing efficiency in incident resolution, optimizing wear-and-tear maintenance, and detecting impending failures to fix them before they occur.

IoT Cloud

Leveraging IoT Connectivity, Machine Learning and AI

Detailed, technical data is continuously aggregated and analyzed using cloud computing. This enables a precise understanding of every device and personalized, actionable insights according to their performance.

Fix Incidents Faster

Fixing Incidents Faster — and Better

When an incident is reported, DN AllConnect Data Engine analyzes data to identify the root cause. It then prescribes the required fix, technician skill level, spare parts and expected duration of the repair.

Schedule Service Call

Predicting and Preempting Outages

By analyzing data patterns, trends and leading indicators, DN AllConnect Data Engine can identify an impending failure, triggering the scheduling of a proactive service call to avoid a future outage.

All-Connect Data Engine

Discover the Outstanding Business Benefits

The core enabler of our services leverages decades of unmatched engineering experience, a unique global knowledge base, as well as the application of the latest developments in technologies such as IoT, machine-learning and AI.

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