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Case Study: An Outsourced ATM Fleet and Fully-Managed Services Elevate Customer Experience, Cost Savings and Efficiency

June 02, 2021  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

When Sparkasse Hannover outsourced a self-service fleet of more than 450 devices to Diebold Nixdorf, the bank’s objectives were to elevate ATM reliability, improve life-cycle management, simplify software updates and scale resources and capacity on-demand. Ultimately, these efforts will future-proof the bank’s ATM investment and functionality. The results? Improved customer experience and an overall availability of 99%, with a cost reduction of 30% to 40%. Now, customers are at the heart of Sparkasse Hannover’s omnichannel strategy, and they have the flexibility to decide when and how to bank. 

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The overall availability of our self-service devices is over 99%. Outsourcing the entire self-service fleet to Diebold Nixdorf means effective service processes have been created to maintain this overall availability. Proactive maintenance and automated, remote incident resolution also contribute to this high ratio.

Read the full case study

Hear from Sparkasse Hannover executives directly on how partnering with Diebold Nixdorf has saved them time in the daily business.


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