Blog: The IoT Comes to ATMs: Enabling Truly Predictive Maintenance of Your Fleet

February 08, 2021  |  CHASE ANDREWS

Imagine you have a new, Internet of Things (IoT)-connected car. You might receive this type of call: 

- “Hi Louis, this is Susanne from ‘YourIoTCar.’ How are you doing today?”
- “I’m well, and you?”
- “Wonderful! Louis, we want to share some data on your car’s performance and discuss a maintenance requirement—do you have a few minutes?” 
- “Yes, please go ahead.”
- “So, an analysis from data captured by sensors in the engine of your car indicates that its performance, although still above average at the moment, is likely to start decreasing in about two weeks’ time. We have identified the root cause of the impending failure and need to replace a part and service the engine. Since we’re catching this before it becomes an issue, the fix will be quite fast—we’ll need you to drop your car off for about two hours whenever it is convenient for you.”
- “Thank you so much for letting me know! I really appreciate the proactive notice, because I’ll be using my car quite a bit in just a few weeks for a business trip. Can I bring the car in Thursday morning?”
- “That works perfectly Louis. I am booking you immediately with our service center for 10am on Thursday the fourth, and I am having the part immediately shipped to them. Thank you very much.”
- “Thanks, it’s much appreciated!”

For our clients who have Diebold Nixdorf ATMs and have a maintenance agreement with us that’s powered by DN AllConnectSM Data Engine (ACDE), this scene might sound quite ordinary—it’s the type of thing that happens frequently thanks to ACDE. 

If you don’t already enjoy this level of proactive service, perhaps it’s time to rethink your service model. 
Our First Line and Second Line Maintenance Services leverage real-time, IoT connections with deployed DN ATMs and offer an industry first: a truly predictive and data-driven service model. Through this evolution in data-driven services we are able to detect impending failures and fix them before they occur.

DN AllConnect Data Engine was created in-house, delivering actionable service insights from a unique combination of decades of unmatched engineering experience and a global knowledge base, which have been embedded into the solution.

Through always-on connectivity, deep technical and firmware-level data is continuously retrieved from all sensors and data points within every connected, deployed device. The data is gathered from over 60,000 devices (set to more than double within the next 12 months) across a broad range of use cases and geographies. It is continuously aggregated by DN AllConnect Data Engine, correlated with historic data, inventory data and our engineering knowledge base and analyzed within our cloud computing platform using machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). This enables us to identify and monitor patterns that occur through the devices’ lifecycles. DN AllConnect Data Engine also builds a precise, constantly refined understanding of every single connected device and can identify an impending failure, triggering a recommendation to act upon this insight and schedule a maintenance visit at a time of low customer demand to avoid an unplanned future outage and maximize the uptime of a device.    

We drive the highest device availability and enable our customers to delight increasingly demanding consumers while optimizing their internal operational efficiencies.

Isn’t it time to see just what your fleet is capable of? Explore all of the possibilities DN AllConnect ServicesSM has to offer.

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