Blog: Services for a Connected World

March 12, 2018  |  OLAF HEYDEN

The world is becoming more interconnected—which leads to new layers of complexity and also opportunities for businesses large and small. Fintech start-ups and digital retailers are successfully navigating the globally connected business landscape thanks to their ability to quickly innovate and provide nimble solutions with reach and scale.

At the same time, consumer behavior continues to evolve rapidly. We’re all living in a constant stream of messages across more channels than ever before, and in this chaotic environment, losing a consumer’s attention can mean losing the relationship. On top of it all, cost pressures are always top of mind: compliance, security, logistics, regulations, physical reach and payments are all high-cost, necessary pieces of our connected business environment.

These factors have already transformed the landscape. For financial institutions and retailers alike, the imperative now is to focus on creating, nurturing and delivering seamless, connected journeys that transcend silos within individual organizations and also break down the barriers between businesses themselves. The connected commerce future entails far more than being “always on” or “digitally enabled.” The data is showing that this isn’t a simple story of pushing further online, as the best players are extending their transformation across all channels. To succeed, physical channels must keep pace with these market changes. By elevating physical channel agility that coincides with the speed-to-market capabilities digital channels provide, financial institutions and retailers can deliver seamless connected experiences across the entire commerce value chain.

Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Servicesâ„ 

To address this need, Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Servicesâ„  provides financial institutions and retailers the capabilities and technology needed to make physical distribution channels as agile, efficient and differentiated as their digital counterparts.

Our solutions aim to accelerate physical channels—whether it be point-of-sale, ATM, branch or store—and integrate them much more tightly to the digital experience. By partnering with us to transform operations, our clients can unlock agility and efficiency in physical channels that enables them to differentiate the entire consumer journey. By leveraging a data-driven Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services fully optimizes efficiencies and transforms operations to enable businesses to focus on their core competencies and consumer experiences.

Our global network of 15,000 service professionals, business-process experts and transformation specialists are driving a new breed of “as a Service” solutions to meet these modern-day challenges head-on. Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services powers our integrated business solutions, which combine the best of digital—they’re IoT-enabled and underpinned by industry-leading predictive analytics—with an unparalleled global service network. This end-to-end approach enables us to support our clients’ entire business strategy, from Store as a Service to ATM as a Service, full-suite Managed Mobility Services, holistic project management support and much more.

At the core of Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services is our Operational Excellence infrastructure, a proprietary, data-driven platform that provides us with the visibility, knowledge, actionable insights and capabilities to enrich our clients’ decision making and deliver the highest availability and performance possible. With this holistic view, business operations are fully transparent, 24/7, for increased agility to identify inefficiencies and remove redundancies. Translation: your business operations get leaner, and you can innovate more easily.

An Outcome-Driven Philosophy

Every organization has its own unique technology, challenges and consumers. We make it our business to deeply understand the intricacies of yours, combining a broad global knowledge base with a keen awareness of emerging trends. Through years of experience, Diebold Nixdorf has gained a deep understanding of what our customers need to accelerate their business transformations. We want to be the catalyst for our clients’ growth, by bringing insight to every touchpoint, high performance to every engagement, and trust to every relationship.

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This week we’re at Money20/20 Asia to debut Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services and share not only our exciting integrated solutions backed by our Service Excellence mission, but also to demonstrate our ability to help our clients enable more seamless consumer journeys across channels. Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube to catch the latest news and demos straight from the show floor. And if you’re wondering how Diebold Nixdorf AllConnect Services could help your organization, reach out to us today—let’s start a conversation!

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