Blog: The Power of Purpose-Built and Zero-Trust

November 02, 2021  |  HIMANSHU TIWARI

ATMs are part of any nation’s critical infrastructure and play a vital role in the relationship between financial institutions and consumers. And that makes ATMs a tempting target for hackers, thieves and social engineering scammers. Network operators simply cannot let their guard down on any front—so how can they effectively manage attacks coming from every angle? 

Teams responsible for protecting such systems will appreciate the complexity, and the new security considerations due to the evolving ATM landscape. Viewing from our ATM security lenses there are 3 mega-trends within the ATM ecosystem:

1. ATMs are getting more connected (to corporate network, public/ private/ partner cloud, etc.)
2. ATMs are getting intelligent and doing more (leading to more sophisticated software and evolving compliance requirements)
3. ATMs attacks are getting more complex and targeted (limiting the effectiveness of generic solutions.

This evolution of the ATM ecosystem simultaneously impacts its risk posture. An effective way to manage the risk and defend these systems is to threat model and use this threat model to build security controls. A nuanced understanding of the technology (full stack hardware and software), functional domain knowledge, and the context is crucial to threat model systems. This is where DN’s deep experience within the ATM ecosystem enables us to purpose, build and evolve the VynamicTM Security suite to provide unparallel cyber protection for ATMs and other self-service terminals. With the blurring of the perimeter and an era of software defined ‘everything’, the focus is on resources, access to these resources, and continuous evaluation of ‘grant’ to these resources. Inherent trust becomes a risk, giving rise to zero-trust based architectures to help achieve desired security outcomes. 

Are you covering every base when it comes to ATM security? Are you familiar with the concept of “Zero Trust”—and have you implemented this critical security architecture within your organization? 

Zero Trust based design is increasingly critical to provide protection from attackers gaining access to enterprise assets. Exploring this architectural concept will help you identify a wide range of measures and controls to mitigate the risk of your ATMs being compromised by cybercriminals both at the physical location and via network-based compromises. Zero trust removes any inherent trust within the system and forces to fall back on the first principles for security. This approach is even more relevant considering the mega-trends observed. Vynamic Security adopts the zero trust principles in securing the ATMs to protect from insider threats, ransomware, other malware targeted to self-service devices.

No conversation on security is complete without ensuring security products are built and operate securely. This includes any potential risk from supply-chain issues. The guardrails within the development process allows us to mitigate such risk way before software is ready to be released. 

We observed Cyber Security Awareness Month throughout October and took the opportunity to remind our customers that we are commitment to providing best in class security products. Vynamic Security provides a tightly integrated, multi-layered approach to protect self-service terminals, POS devices, operating systems, and customer data against historical and newly evolving attack methods. Learn more about Vynamic Security.

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