Blog: End-to-End Solutions Drive 100% Digital Transformation at Banpará Bank

June 04, 2018  |  DIEBOLD NIXDORF

As individuals, we’re always on—always on our smartphones, online and plugged in. We want options (and we want them now). And of course, those expectations don’t stop when it comes to banking. Brazil’s Banpará Bank realized it needed to give customers the tools to bank when and how they want—with ease and speed, and a lot less friction. That desire triggered an aggressive transformation: Creating the country’s first all-digital bank branch in the busy Shopping Boulevard mall in Belem, the largest city in the state of Para in Brazil.

Ultimately, Banpará’s move was part of a strategy to broaden self-service functionality. And, because of the location, the move to all digital and a 24/7 model made sense. Before deploying the plan, the bank fully understood how people want to bank so they could make necessary process changes to deliver an enhanced customer journey.

The all-digital branch includes recycling ATMs with deposit automation, biometrics, and debit card dispensing. A Diebold Nixdorf In-Lobby Teller (ILT) terminal and remote video assistance offer customers support as they conduct new transactions (some 40+ transaction types are available!) so that automation and personal assistance work hand-in-hand.

How did they execute this bold move? Through a collaborative partnership with Diebold Nixdorf and Sague e Pague, a multiple-service self-service network. Get the whole story in our new case study, which highlights how a revolutionary move to a totally digital bank is possible when you’re guided by the expertise of a cross-functional team that understands the market, the consumer and the ways in which self-service hardware, software and services can combine to deliver an unsurpassed experience:

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