Motivations in Modern Banking

Beyond the “Who”: Understanding Why Consumers Respond in Certain Ways

Consider the Motivation Before Designing the Journey

The face of banking keeps changing. Technology has been at the core of the transformation, putting pressure on financial institutions’ (FIs) traditional engagement models. “Consumers are going digital”— is it really as simple as that? NielsenIQ and Diebold Nixdorf surveyed over 12,000 financial consumers in 11 countries globally. The research discovered five consumer segments: Each distinct in their core motivation, the “why” that FIs can use to design meaningful experiences. Read the report and learn how these unique motivations help inspire solutions that resonate with consumers to improve outreach, win loyalty, and gain operational efficiency.

Tech Types Breakdown

Use These Insights to Build Better Experiences

How you address these differing tech types with journeys that appeal to their unique motivations will differentiate you from your competition.

Download the report and continue the conversation by scheduling a workshop to:

  • Learn about global and local key research findings
  • Take a deep dive into the five Banking Tech Types
  • Explore how we can help you apply these findings to your business.

Nielsen Tech Types