The eService Portal – Remote Support was designed to enable users to interact with a remote computer, as if physically sitting in front of it. Remote Support provides a clean, easy-to-use interface to you and solves issues remotely without complex steps or onerous preparation time. RS is designed to get you working in short time on any device.

Standard Features

  • Control a remote computer as if you were the primary user sitting right in front of it
  • No need to setup specific firewall rules or network connections
  • Use eServices Portal – Remote Support from within your web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer/Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) to provide remote support


  • High security standards
    • Three security levels based on the encryption of the connection
    • An authorization code for every single remote session
    • Functionality to switch off the remote screen(s) or show a maintenance logo in order to prevent that anyone is watching while you are accessing a remote device
    • Based on TLS 1.2 protocol

  • No need of prior preparations e.g. firewall rules , network routing, automatically detects for proxy configurations
  • The eServices - Remote Support utilizes the latest technologies
    • Remote Support session is via Java Web Start Technology

  • Structured user interface
    • Guidance for browser configuration
    • Organized in three parts: Remote Desktop, Remote File-System and Application Log
    • The “File transfer” perspective provides an intuitive interface for exchanging files and directories between the local and the remote system


This Tool should be  used for the  use in the productive environment

This Tool should be used for the use in the test environment.

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