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Empower your customers with intuitive, frictionless,
and rewarding self-service experiences.

In today's retail landscape, consumers crave control over their shopping journey, seeking the freedom to shop at their own pace. Self-service solutions hold the key to meeting these evolving expectations, but success requires a strategic approach.

Discover how to build a successful self-service customer experience that integrates cutting-edge technology, embraces flexibility, and ensures 24/7 availability. Ready to unlock the full potential of self-service retail?

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More Open

More Open

Integrating self-service technologies into existing IT landscapes may appear daunting. However, with Diebold Nixdorf’s open retailing approach, you can unlock unlimited possibilities. Diebold Nixdorf’s Vynamic Self-Service combines open APIs with modular solutions, offering true flexibility to transform complex integration tasks into efficient, streamlined processes.

More Available Self-Service Systems

More Available

Self-service is a critical transaction facilitator for consumers, who demand always-on and always available solutions. Transform your retail experience with DN AllConnect Services. Our comprehensive platform ensures your retail self-service solutions are always available, maximizing uptime and minimizing disruptions. This means your staff can focus on what matters most - serving your customers.

More Modular

More Modular

Retailers' unique needs often require more flexibility than one-size-fits-all solutions can provide. Modularity is crucial for adapting to diverse retail environments. With the modular DN Series EASY you gain access to a core system platform that accommodates multiple peripherals, layouts, and configurations. This versatility ensures swift adaptation to different store formats while leveraging the same technology.

More Innovative Self-Checkout Software

More Innovative

Stay at the forefront of innovation with an AI platform that offers transformative solutions to redefine the in-store experience. Integrate a variety of Vynamic Smart Vision solutions into your self-service touchpoints. These include facial recognition for automated age verification, advanced item scanning for fresh produce recognition, and consumer behavior analysis to reduce shrinkage.

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More Open Self-Service Software

Seamlessly manage your entire self-service infrastructure with Vynamic® Self-Service. Designed to empower your business to efficiently run the self-service checkout touchpoints, equipping your staff with smart assist solutions and benefiting from a comprehensive enterprise management system.

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More Modular Self-service Systems

Easily scale, upgrade, and customize self-service touchpoints to meet evolving consumer needs with DN Series EASY. Benefit from a unified self-service platform, empowering you to optimize checkout configurations and stay ahead of new technologies and trends.

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More Available Managed Services

Streamline the management of your entire self-service fleet with DN All Connect Services. Designed for 24/7 operations, our comprehensive end-to-end service aims to optimize the uptime of your self-service solutions, ensuring seamless consumer experiences and efficient staff journeys.

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More Innovative Self-Service Software

Stay at the forefront of innovation and ahead of the competition. Take full advantage of our seamlessly integrated agile innovation framework Vynamic Smart Vision, which empowers you to seamlessly and quickly adopt new technologies and build your own innovation roadmap.

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