Vynamic® Personal Shopper

Run mobile devices with a more open retailing approach

Vynamic Personal Shopper can easily be integrated into existing loyalty, e-commerce and checkout systems—seamlessly synchronizing in-store and online experiences to ensure convenient, smart and fast consumer journeys, regardless of whether they’re retailer-owned devices or a customer’s own smartphone.

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Designed for Personalized Shopping Experiences

Vynamic Personal Shopper allows you to embed the best of e-commerce convenience in-store, from real-time product information to ingredients, shelf-location, promotions and personalized recommendations while your customers are self-scanning items in their basket.


Convenient Customer Shopping

Vynamic Personal Shopper: Transform each shopping journey into a personalized experience

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Engaging and Personalized In-Store Experiences

Explore how mobility is shaping the retail landscape.

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Explore Mobile Self-Scanning

Learn how mobile self-scanning can enrich every shopping journey.

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Discover how Vynamic Personal Shopper can help you transform the way your customers shop.

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