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Easily Connect Channels, Devices and Journeys using Open APIs

Vynamic® Retail Platform is a cloud-native software solution built specifically for Retail. Based on an API-first design, you can easily connect your existing ecosystem of hardware and software applications—both in the store and in the back office. Leveraging open standards, it fosters a best-of-breed ecosystem thanks to an expandable and well-documented API universe, while simplifying integration and customization at the same time.

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Vynamic Retail Platform


Vynamic software lets grocers run their end-to-end operations efficiently from the cloud.

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Specialty & Fashion

Fashion and Specialty retailers can manage all their channels and touchpoints with Vynamic software.

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Fuel & Convenience

Run your forecourt, convenience and food-2-go operations in the cloud with Vynamic software.

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