Vynamic™ FCx

Reimagining Fuel & Convenience

Vynamic FCx is a modular, cloud-based software solution for fuel & convenience retailers.

Fuel and Convenience


million transactions

"Diebold Nixdorf handles over 80 million transactions every day, servicing the top-10 global Fortune 500 petroleum companies."


Vynamic FCx POS: Smarter checkout in the cloud

Vynamic FCx POS software streamlines your forecourt and convenience store operations. Supporting International Forecourt Standards (IFSF) and working with all major forecourt controllers, we guarantee full control over your forecourt operations. You can choose to run the software in the cloud or on-premise. Via easy-to-use touchscreens, and with a single basket service for all promotions and checkouts, Vynamic FCx lets you streamline your customer and staff journeys at the pump, in the c-store and in your food-2-go areas.

Retail Management

Vynamic FCx Retail Management: Stay in control

Vynamic FCx Retail Management software runs all back-office processes straight from the cloud. Inventories, pricing, stocks, but also store and cluster management, master data and fuel reconciliation, QSR menus and much more—all conveniently managed via a single interface. Fully PCI compliant, the software supports all common payment schemes out-of-the-box for all countries you do business in. Plus, Vynamic FCx offers extensive reporting and customizable dashboards so you have real-time insights into how each site is performing.

Leverage Flexibility

Vynamic FCx: Leverage the flexibility of the cloud

Vynamic FCx is a cloud software platform for fuel & convenience retailers. Using modular micro-services, Vynamic FCx offers full flexibility to support cross-channel consumer journeys securely and efficiently. And thanks to its open API architecture, the software simply connects with software solutions already in place. Vynamic FCx can be used both “as a Service” in the cloud and offline through embedded Edge technology that ensures 24/7 availability. Designed for ease-of-use, Vynamic FCx runs on any POS and SCO hardware as well as on mobile devices.

Shift Gears

Vynamic FCx: Are you ready to shift gears?

Vynamic FCx adds efficiency, convenience and a personal touch to your fuel retail operations. The software is bundled in three packages to streamline your forecourt, convenience store and quick-serve restaurant processes. Through modular architecture and open APIs, each package can be easily customized with additional business services, including 3rd party services. With Vynamic FCx, you have the flexibility you need to adapt and grow your fuel and convenience business the way you want, at the pace you want!